Monday, September 6, 2010

New book trailer by Emma Quay

 Emma Quay (2010 Early Childhood CBCA gold medal winner for 'Bear & Chook by the sea') presents Shrieking Violet:

Scholastic Australia presents "Shrieking Violet", a new picture book by award-winning author/illustrator Emma Quay. Violet is the world's noisiest, messiest little sister. But her big sister is determined to be the star of this story! In her endearing, colourful illustrations, Emma Quay brings to life the fun, silliness and occasional frustration of life with a younger sibling.

Shrieking Violet; Text and Illustrations copyright © Emma Quay, 2010; First published by Scholastic Press, a division of Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd, 2010; Reproduced by permission of Scholastic Australia Pty Ltd; Music and sound courtesy of Partners in Rhyme &

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