Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some handy YouTube tips to help you make the most of this wonderful resource.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase
* Downloading
* Watching( the biggest section with a huge number of tips )
* Sharing
* Uploading
* iPod & Mobile Phones
* Music & Playlists
* Embedding
* Other Interesting YouTube Tools, Features & Tricks

  • Fine tune YouTube  based on post below:

Link to Video
To create a link to start at a specific spot in a video, just add #t=0m0s to the end of the regular link url. Then, change the 0’s to the minute and second you want to link to.

  • quietube: Video without the distractions
 To watch web videos without the comments and extras, just drag the button below to your browser's bookmarks bar. On any of the supported video pages, click the bookmark button to watch in peace.
You can then make short URLs too, to send the quietube version to your friends. Easy as.
Quietube supports YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Viddler, and Vimeo, with more to come...

Insert YouTube videos and images in PowerPoint slides quickly with Authorstream Desktop 

  • 100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers - Classroom 2.0

    Vidque is a new service that aims to help users curate their own collections of the best videos available on the Internet. Vidque allows users to grab videos from YouTube,, TED, and Vimeo to put into their own collections that they can share with others. You could also think of it the way TechCrunch did in describing Vidque as video bookmarking.

    What makes Vidque unique compared to other video collection services like VodPod is that Vidque uses the videos you grab to help you locate more videos. In other words, Vidque tracks your video preferences to help you find more videos you'll like. Vidque also allows users to follow other users, share videos, and place rankings on videos. Vidque uses that information to locate the best videos to feature in each channel on the homepage.

" is a new service that makes it possible to view YouTube videos without displaying the related videos and associated comments. This could be a particularly useful tool for anyone publicly showing a YouTube clip. To use simply copy the url of a YouTube video and paste it into SafeShare is very similar to Quietube which I reviewed last winter."
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Social Media Revolution 2

Social Media Revolution 2 is a refresh of the original video with new and updated social media & mobile statistics that are hard to ignore. 

Based on the book Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No More Free Nings rethink leads to a new outcome for K-12 educators!!

As I am a member of a number of educational Nings I was none too happy to hear the announcement recently that Nings were to come at a price from July onwards. For anyone else who uses Nings I have summarised the main points from a number of sources to give you a brief overview.

Ning Blog announces:
We’ve also heard from many Network Creators who use Ning in the classroom as an integral part of their curriculum. I am particularly excited to announce that a major education company will be sponsoring Ning Mini Networks for educators in primary and secondary education. Ning will remain free for K-12 educators and their students. We’ll have details on this program soon!                                                                                 

Ning Plans: The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown states:
•The "major educational company" that has no name could be good or bad. I'm assured it will be good, but I can imagine more than one large educational company whose providing Ning Mini networks for free would be looked upon with suspicion. What's also not spelled out is what kind of control that company will have, their ability to market or message to the creators and members of the networks, and if there will be any advertising by that company on the networks.
For further insight into the ramifications of this descision go to Steve Hargadon's K-12 Educational Technology Blog.

Ning Planning to remain free for teachers
Ning, a company that allows users to build their own social networks, says it has signed a letter of intent with a major educational publisher to keep its service free for educators.
“The big lesson for nonprofits and education technologists alike would be to keep in mind that if you want absolute control over the way a certain platform or solution works, the only way that can be accomplished is by housing it yourself,” he said. “Unfortunately that comes at an additional cost, and that cost has to be taken by someone.”

Sunday, May 2, 2010

DART provides rich resources for your classes

To locate the programs on offer see the details at:
Connections offers free Open events regularly.  These are usually of a more informative nature as opposed to highly interactive.  They do try to keep them as interactive as possible, but they also try to make them available to many schools, and it is difficult to deliver both!
Please visit their website to view all their free events.

Rural and Distance Education
NSW Department of Education and Training

Digital Footprints-

Digital Footprints - Your New First Impression
A great resource for our students to view AND DISCUSS before they head to High School.

Moodle- a really cool management system.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
Best Ways of Using Moodle
View more presentations from Sandra Pires.

For a huge range of links on moodles check out:
Cybrary Man's Educational Moodle  Web Sites