Sunday, November 29, 2009

Game consoles in classrooms?

In his blog,, Tom Barrett write about his experience of using game consoles in the classroom.

 He believes that the console should have a well deserved place in the primary classroom as a media platform. He acknowledges that it is what you do with that engaged group of children that counts.   Check out the images.

North American cover artImage via Wikipedia
I can see the potential for Consoles in Classrooms, especially after examining what the students
were able to  achieve using Endless Ocean.

What do you think?

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12th Annual TOOTH TALLY International Project

Cheryl Hill is looking for Australian schools 
that would like to join this 

The excitement of counting, graphing, reading and writing about losing teeth is beginning again next February. So get in early and get ready to join the fun!!

Our year 1 classes really enjoyed this TOOTH TALLY unit last year and I would like to do it again for year 1, 2010. I really recommend this project .

Click here to check out more details.
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another great video site useful for educators.

What is WatchKnow?

Imagine hundreds of thousands of great short videos, and other media, explaining every topic taught to school kids. Imagine them rated and sorted into a giant Directory, making them simple to find. WatchKnow--as in, "You watch, you know"--is a non-profit online community devoted to this goal.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So much more to TaLe than meets the eye.

Social media tools

Many teacher are already using social media technologies to enhance the teaching and learning process.This space provides background on some common social media tools and their uses in teaching and learning.

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Google Documents for teachers

Google Docs Tutorial for Teachers: This tutorial will show you the basics of using Google Docs so you can save and edit documents online.

Google DocsImage via Wikipedia
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