Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ways to work out the wonder of wikis.

Wikis in Plain English- Video by Wes Fryer

Wiki by Wikipedia (A free online editable encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software is very popular with students. 

(It has a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License).


The above wikispace, hccwikihelp - home , has been designed by Laura Chaffey, to assist teachers in setting up wikis for their class or school.

To successfully work with wikis you need to use many skills.

Be aware that although wikis were designed to be a collaborative tool most of them end up as just content delivery devices. If you set up a wiki try to do exercises that force students to discuss ideas, copy-edit, and substantively edit each others work right from the beginning

Wikis In The Classroom: Another Crock:  "Despite being a tool that’s really designed around group collaboration, most wikis just aren’t used that way."

How Are Wikis Really Being Used in the K-12 Classroom? by  

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