Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apps, apps, apps.....however, not all apps are educationally sound.....

There are so many lists and guides that offer us apps to use in school but what about their quality? In times gone by all resources that were included in a school library underwent evaluation by rigorous criteria before inclusion, or exclusion. Times have changed so much due to many factors including the influx of learning technologies, but we still owe it to our students to ensure that we offer them high quality apps. 

Visit Kathy's iPads in the Classroom site. 

Try this  CRITICAL EVALUATION OF AN IPAD/IPOD AP from  Kathleen Schrock ( to ensure what you offer your students meets high quality criteria. Thanks  

For those of you who tweet Kathy suggests if you are tweeting a URL of your site dedicated to the use of the iPad in support of teaching and learning, use the hashtag #edtablet 

Kathy has a tremendous range of weblinks available for anyone interested in learning about, or implementing a program into their classrooms or schools. Many thanks Kathy for all your collating. 

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