Saturday, August 13, 2011

Music Count Us In ......Register your school.

Is your school joining in the fun? 

Music. Count Us In is managed by Music. Play for Life, the Music Council of Australia's grassroots campaign to get more Australians making music: in schools, communities, everywhere. The campaign is run in partnership with the Australian Music Association and the Australian Society for Music Education.

"For decades, countless studies have found links between learning music and a broad range of positive impacts on children and adolescents." Check out the benefits of MUSIC. Listen to the three team songs.
The National Music Workshop Report recommended that steps be taken to elevate the status of music in schools, as a priority. Download the report.
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Are you registered for 2011? Click here to register now

Visit the teaching resources page for plenty of supporting resources including lyrics and IWB Notebooks .

Download the Music Count Us In app by Greg Thwaites.

Learn how to make your own apps:

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