Sunday, August 15, 2010

mlearning is on its way!! Mobile Learning....

This post intends to introduce you to a small sample of what mlearning is all about.
A little dip into what will be a really big pool before you know it!!

Mobile Devices and Educational Apps:

This live binder contains resources for accessing educational applications for mobile devices. 
1. iPhone/iTouch/iPad Resources and Apps
2. Smart phones
2. Resources for using QR codes with mobile phones

"The mLearnopedia content community collects and organizes the best information from around the web that will help you learn and stay current on mobile learning." 

Make learning mobile blog- iPad Curriculum

The Importance of Mobile Phones in Education

Slide2Learn Guide for teachers

iTouch Learning:  Jane Hart’s Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies website that lists of reasons why the iPhone/iPod Touch are ideal for mlearning.

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