Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking for answers? Grow Some

 -a minimal tool for maximum feedback.

Answer Garden is a fun way for students to brainstorm, plan, and work together.

In the primary classroom teachers can type in a phoneme combination and have students submit words that fit the phoneme rule.  
Teachers can ask open-ended thinking questions on their classroom blog or website for students to answers.

In the library an interesting use of  Answer Garden would be during reading as a place for students to reflect on different characters, plots, settings, and themes from different modes of stories. 

Use Answer Garden to conduct a classroom survey.  

In HSIE studies  Answer Garden that gives students a place that they can write descriptions of  a place they are learning about.  

In history, give students a date range, event, or historical figure and let them add words to the Answer Garden that describe.

Student of the Week:
Teachers can create an answer garden to recognize  students in your classroom where each class member can suggest a character quality that they like about that student.

Since I have been away from my school library for a long time I am going to use an answer garden to find out what has been happening in my absence.

I discovered this gem here and have adapted some of the ideas.

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