Sunday, June 14, 2009

Free Sound Effects Sites

OUTSTANDING RANGE a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Take a look at the types of sounds you can find.
The sounds in these audio files may be copyrighted and their use governed by national and international copyright laws.

  • The Recordist

  • Simply The Best Sounds

  • Partners in Rhyme

  • Podsafe Audio

  • FreePlay Music

    Free Student Educational Use:

    Subject to your full compliance with the terms of this paragraph 2 (d) and full execution of a FPM license, FPM grants free master recording and synchronization rights to students, to the FPM Production Music Library, excluding the FPM Indie Artist and Sound Effects Library, when FPM music is used by students within a school or class assignment. The assignment must be part of student curriculum, must only be viewed or heard within the classroom, campus, on a school’s closed circuit television and/or public announcement system and shall be free from any charge or admission fee. Free Student Educational Use excludes the use by any school in extra-curricular activities including, without limitation, the use in clubs and the use of any kind in performance, non-broadcast multimedia, DVD duplication, distribution and/or broadcast on a public or educational access TV, cable or radio channel, web, blog, and podcast.
All sounds are free under Creative Commons licenses.
Need to acknowledge the source in your credits.
You need to create an account and log in before you can download
High-quality sound files cost money, but the free samples are decent enough for student productions.
A bit limited but easy to use. Go straight to the links to free sounds on the top-right of the page.
Good site organisation, has a great search function and lots of free tutorials!

For royalty-free music:
The musician, Kevin MacLeod, allows the music to be used for non-commercial purposes under a Creative Commons license. Students just need to give him a credit. A little issue with this site is that a LOT of people are starting to use it, so some of the music is getting a little over-familiar. is a free music search site. Creative Commons licenses, requiring attribution, and site requires a log-in.

Thanks to Adam Jefford and Terry Oberg for their contributions.

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