Friday, July 15, 2011

Help students with their writing.

Is it time to inspire the writers in your class?
There are so many posters available to stimulate, motivate, inspire, remind, reinforce.......

Try these spelling hints and tips posters

Get your students to communicate with posters

How do writers get ideas for writing?
Here's some posters to get our ideas flowing!

Great advice here from:

 Poster Street is a collection of free posters for classroom and office display.All of the posters can be downloaded for free fromPoster StreetTry Easy Poster Printer to print the posters from Poster Street in large sizes.
                                                  Teacher Posters

Kids exploring their world through literature-Google Lit Trips

A Whole New Way to Appreciate Great Literature!  Discover the latest updates and news at

To help you get the idea of the concept of Goolgle Lit there is

Basics of Viewing a Google Lit Trip.pdf (application/pdf Object)

GLT Overview: Animation Demo from GoogleLitTrips on Vimeo.
This video gives a brief example of the "look and feel" of Google Lit Trips.
One of our very own Aussie teacher librarians has created her own Google Lit Trip.

GLT Preview: Going Home from GoogleLitTrips on Vimeo

View the range of Google Lit Trips that are available for download

Monday, July 11, 2011

So much more than just wonderful on-line stories.

This site, Big Universe, offers so much for students that I feel that I must highlight it to you. For the full features I feel it would work well for classrooms but I would also love to see it available though our library.
Big Universe received a positive review from SLJ.  

To find out more watch this video.  


 Check out these samples from BigUniverse 

by clicking on the book cover. 

Has your school started to subscribe to any e-book sites yet?

Can you see a place for them in your classroom?

You can apply for a  Free 14-Day Trial 

I have no connection with this company and will not receive any financial incentives for promoting it to you.