Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tech Tools for Teachers- Paul Wilson

Paul has developed a Prezi that assists teachers
to understand and appreciate the wonders of
this new presentation tool.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prezi- Tips and Tricks from Adam Somlai-Fischer

I have introduced you to  Prezis in a few February posts. You can do a quick search  if you would like to find them.

This Prezi is a great help for those of you who are trying to use this wonderful Web2.0 tool. There are tips and tricks to help you become a master at Prezis. 

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Friday, March 26, 2010

AdobePhotoshop Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek


 This is an awesome, time saving capability.

One of the biggest requests we get of Photoshop is to make adding, removing, moving or repairing items faster and more seamless. From retouching to completely reimagining an image, here's an early glimpse of what could happen in the future when you press the delete key. How might you use this new capability in your workflow?
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

School Websites -A Window to your community. What does yours say?

Pip Howell presented this Prezi on the importance of an updated, professional easily accessible school website at HCC Principal’s Day – 26th February, 2010 (Hunter Central Coast)

Fotobabble- make your photos talk!!

This is such a cool tool!!

Make your photos talk....

1. Upload your photo

2. Record your voice

3. Share with friends

To help you use Fotobabble you can check out  Fotobabble on-line training video. 

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspired Picture Writing

Check out Inspired Picture Writing - PICLIT
Explore the gallery.
Choose your picture...vocabulary is offered to encourage writing

You have choices in how you create your writing
Drag and drop or  Freestyle.

Offers suggestions and spelling guide.

Email or share...Coming soon-print feature

  INSPIRATIONAL                                 INTERACTIVE                        CREATIVE

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense | Video on TED.com

Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense | Video on TED.com

Pranav Mistry is the inventor of SixthSense, a wearable device that enables
new interactions between the real world and the world of data.

This demo -- from Pattie Maes' lab at MIT, spearheaded by Pranav Mistry --
was the buzz of TED.

It's a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for
profound interaction with our environment.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Storynory presents another story for your listening pleasure....

 FREE audio stories for KIDS!! from Storynory

 Storynory presents The Fire-Fly Princess read by Elizabeth- duration 12.32.

Text is available on the Storynory site.   To hear the story: Click the following link:

is a glittering beauty, and numerous insects want to be her husband. She has little interest in any of them, and declares that she will only marry the one who brings her a flame. This glittering story is full of the beauty of old Japan.
And we are delighted to introduce the very talented Elizabeth Donnelly, who joins Natasha and Richard as a narrator for Storynory. And for all those who have been asking us for news of Natasha, she will be very soon reading more chapters of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Friday, March 12, 2010

iPad iMagineering -Penguin Books

 Presenting you with some imaginings of how books as apps might be presented on the iPad.

For further information:

Hear from Jeremy Ettinghausen, Penguin Digital Publisher

Vistit penguin Books : http://www.penguin.co.uk/

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2CK's Tooth Fairies

The first task was for the children to draw what they think the 2010 tooth fairy looks like after listening to the set description.  All of the children from the 240 schools that are participating in this project took part in this activity and then are sharing on the wiki.
It is a private wiki  so I can't share all the picture with you but I can share these.

Finally I have 2CK's Tooth Fairies for you to enjoy.

Over the years many teachers have contributed to the bank of  Lesson Ideas .

Interactive Tooth Tally Notebook for IWBs and Smartboards. Graphs and lots of interactive activities.are also available on the lesson ideas page.

Australian NSW DET Teachers:
The Tooth Tally Project Lesson Plan  from: www.computerkids.com.au

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Bing Bong Zong

Untitled from HeathfieldCPS on Vimeo.

Try this game from HeathfieldCPS pupils in Year 6 playing: 
Bing Bong Zong. 

Mr. Mitchell reckons this  is a great game for developing 
mental recall of multiplication facts 
in a fun way that the children love!

If you are interested go to the rules on Mr. Mitchell's blog .

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twitter has led me to discover many wonderful professional learning opportunities.

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